Alpine / Big Wall Climbing Questionnaire

Please understand that our time is valuable and consulting with one of our coaches is time-intensive. Therefore, we charge $65 for an initial consultation of up to 1 hour. If you choose to move forward with any of our coaching packages, this $65 will be applied to your first month's bill.

Alpine / Wall Climbing

About You

Gender *
On average, how many days per month do you boulder or climb?
Include both indoor and outdoor climbing days.
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How many roped pitches do you do in an average climbing week?
Include only pitches 40-200 feet in length. Include warm-up pitches.
How many different climbing areas do you visit in a typical year?
Include bouldering, rock climbing, alpine climbing, etc. Count all gym climbing as one area.

Additional Climbing Details

Include climbing training sessions such as System or Campus training.
This would include hangboard training, Campus board training, System Boards, Bachar Ladder, etc. Do not include weight training.
Please mark all of the training modes you employ regularly:


Please mark all injuries you've had in the past or are currently dealing with:
Unless you fell down or got hit by something, it's probably a training-related injury.

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Personal Information

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(1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

What Drives You?