Climb Strong Coaching

On our coaching program, you and your coach will build a long-term vision, a year-long program, and then a detailed and specifically targeted plan for the next month. Via our training app, you’ll have access to specific training sessions for each day, complete with detailed videos and descriptions of all the exercises you need to do. You’ll meet with your coach weekly to cover what happened in the past week’s training, and to go over what’s coming up in the future.

We work closely with the best specialists in the climbing world to assure you are progressing as best you can, and can deal with any training setbacks that come up. If you are overtrained, injured, having problems getting nutrition right, or are dealing with the mental side of training, your coach will connect you with the right professionals to get you back on track. To start on a coaching program, you simply click on the “Get Started with Coaching” button below. You’ll be led through a short questionnaire, which allows us to figure out the best place to start with you. Once you finish the questionnaire, you’ll pay the initial meeting fee, and then you'll be contacted by our coaching manager to get set up with a coach. After that, it’s time to get to work in the gym and out at the crag.

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Our bouldering training track is built around developing your overall strength, maximizing power output, and learning how to apply your training when you pull off the ground each and every time. The bouldering plans can be customized for almost any facility and any schedule. Whether you’re trying to reach the next grade, prep for a long trip to Rocklands, or simply stay injury-free, we’re here to help. Fill out our bouldering questionnaire below to get started.

Alpine / Big Wall Climbing

The stakes are high when you get a long way off the ground. Our training plans can help you move faster, expend less energy, and be more ready for hard climbing whether your aim is El Cap in a day or a month in the Karakoram. We will build your plan around your specific season objectives, and will help you fine tune it right up to the day you leave for the climb. Answer a few questions about your goals and training in our questionnaire below.

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Route Climbing 2

Route Climbing

The heart of the Climb Strong programs started with the goal of helping climbers do harder and harder single pitch climbs. Our programming will cover testing, basic strength training, bouldering power, and route conditioning to make sure you are in the best shape of your life when you need it most. Our questionnaire will help us to develop the best program we possibly can for you. Fill it out below to get started.

Competition Climbing

The world of competition climbing is busier, more challenging, and more complex than ever before. Figuring out how to train for the different formats, how to peak for specific events, and how to fit all of it into a busy week can be a massive challenge. We’re here to help. Not only do we know comp climbing, we also have access to a wide variety of specialists from physical therapists, to sports psychologists, to dietitians to help us guide your progress. By filling out the questionnaire below, we can get you on your way to your best comp season ever.

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