Do I Need a Coach?

We are excited to help people get better. Whether you are a boulderer, a combined format competitor, or an alpinist, we have the tools to help you excel. However, we believe in helping you get the most for your money. There is every chance you can improve without having to hire a coach right away. We have hundreds of articles available on the Climb Strong website, hours of In-Depth Video, and dozens of template training plans. Only once you’ve exhausted these resources do we suggest you get in touch. Before you sign up with us, we think you should ask yourself a few questions:

Are you in a position to commit to training?

Let’s face it: certain times in our lives are busier than others. Do you have the time and energy it takes to put more into your training and performing? Do you have access to a good training facility? Are you healthy, free of major injuries, and energetic?

Have you trained on a structured program before?

There is nothing magical about a training program. All good training programs are principle-based and follow the rules of overload, individuality, specificity, and accumulation. Have you successfully worked through an organized plan? Are you training in an organized manner right now? If not, simply following a template program from Climb Strong or a program from a climbing training book may be all you need.

Do you have a clear picture of what you want out of training?

“Getting better at climbing” is a fine desire, but that’s like saying you’re going to college to “be smarter.” Training elicits specific adaptations, and you need to be very clear about what, exactly, you want your body to do. What do you want out of the next few months of training? How about this year? How about in the next five years? If you’re not ready to answer these questions, we probably can’t help you as much as we’d like.