How is the weekly communication being delivered? Phone? Zoom (or like) video conferencing? Email? Messaging?

Our weekly communication is ideally done through video conferencing on whatever platform the athlete uses. More often than not we are using Zoom.

Is your app or something else capable of tracking climbing grades and provides progression reports?

Unfortunately at this time the app that we are using, Trainerize, does not track rock climbs being done as it is used primarily for strength and conditioning. That being said we have it worked out to the best of our knowledge to fit a climbers training regime. To that same token, tracking numbers of routes and grades is something we encourage all of our athletes to do so we can continue that practice between the coach and the athlete. 

Can I send videos (e.g. climbing, lifting) to the coach for feedback as the training program goes on?

Of course you can do this. Videos of climbing sessions and training sessions are extremely useful for coaches to provide feedback while remote coaching. It is also a wonderful way to get to know the styles of the athlete. Coach-Athlete communication is what we pride ourselves on and video feedback is a large part of that.

How do your yearly and monthly plans work?

Our year programs are built in 13 months. We will have a general overview of the year and where you are trying to get to in that year(This will be the 12 months). The 13th month is a recovery month where we can swap in recovery weeks when unforeseen circumstances come about caused by everyday, typical lifestyles. Zooming in on those 12 months, we will have a specific layout of the athlete’s next 3 months in sequence and then we will cover one month at a time with the athlete in very specific detail. This is where our weekly conversations come in and on the spot programming changes happen.

Beside the online questionnaire, do you have a specific testing as part of onboarding? Do you test mobility as well?

If testing (mobility, strength, power, endurance) is what is appropriate for that athlete that is what we will do. And we will continue to retest at the end of each cycle to check for consistency, progression and or regression. Ultimately, this will depend on the athlete and their needs. But yes we have the capacity and expertise to test in any way.

How often do you retest the athletes for adjusting or keeping the training?

We like to retest our athletes at the end of each specific cycle. Ultimately, this depends on the experience of the athlete and the goals that are being sought out. During typical cycles we might test as much as once a month. A lot of the adjustments that will happen throughout your cycles of training are going to come from weekly discussions about how everything is playing out.

What’s the timing/coach availability to start training with?

We can have you placed with a coach at any time. Currently, the availability of the team is great. 

Is the training built considering the age of the athlete in order to adjust for recovery?

Yes. All of our training programs are custom-built for the athlete and with their needs in mind. Everything we do is for the athlete and whatever it takes to get them to where they want to go.