At Climb Strong, we are dedicated to helping climbers reach higher grades and have more great days on the boulders, at the crag, or in the mountains. We do this by serving our community on several levels.

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We offer the following services for climbers:

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Long-Term Coaching

We work closely with you to build a long-term vision of your climbing career and work on creating a sustainable training plan that fits within the reality of your day-to-day life. We work to identify key areas of improvement, and build plans aimed not just at preparing you for the next trip but building the foundation necessary for performance five, ten, and twenty years in the future.

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We consult on everything from team program design to dialling in the details of a strength program, to troubleshooting working around injuries. These consultations are best for experienced athletes looking for help with their programming rather than climbers looking for someone to write up a detailed year-long training plan for them.

If you’re not sure about whether you need coaching or just a short consultation, think in terms of how many questions you have about training. If you feel like you are without direction and have no idea where to start, consulting can get really expensive quickly. If you have a few very specific questions and are already quite successful in training, then a consultation is the right way to go. Once you make this choice, we can always help reroute you if coaching or consulting isn’t quite what you need. As always, we’re here to help.

We offer more than a hundred free articles via the Climb Strong Education Center, and dozens of videos covering tips, tactics, exercises, and more via our Climb Strong TV channel on YouTube.

For climbers needing more direction, we offer the Climb Strong site Memberships. Here, you have access to more than a hundred in-depth videos, dozens of specific training plans, ebook downloads and more.

Our passion, however, is helping climbers on a one-on-one basis.


The CS team has been awesome to work with. I first reached out to Steve while in Afghanistan for some pointers, which he did for free. Then I did a short plan with him that helped me have a wonderful 1 week trip to Lander despite sucking wind due to altitude. I know he did not have time to fit me in, but did it out of kindness. Ken has been awesome and always easily accessible. This is the best money I have spent outside of getting married. Cheers


Alex has been an incredible coach. When I started with Climb Strong, I had multiple overuse injuries and over the last two years of coaching, they have become almost a non-issue. I am biking faster, climbing harder, and have a better full-body fitness than I ever have.

Ben Peterson

I've been climbing for 10+ years, I'm in my late 30s, and I'm determined my hardest climbing still lies ahead. I've tried other online coaching services and training on my own, but neither was on track to take me where I wanted to go. Plus, given that my body has its share of creaks and tweaks, I wanted some ideas on how to manage or train around my particular issues. In addition to Alex ramping up my program more gradually and intentionally than I would have the patience for on my own, he incorporated some much-needed back exercises for a persistent issue of mine and recommended a very helpful PT. The COVID era has also, of course, meant limited access to climbing and strength training resources, and for me, as a working parent of an infant, limited/fluctuating access to time. Alex has been creative with what I do have access to and adapts my plan to my changing schedule needs. He even remotely set problems on my freshly built spray wall. I'm less than 2 months into working with CS, but the progression seems appropriate, I see growing evidence of results, and I feel like I'm developing more consistency and better habits than any prior training. I'm psyched to see what my fitness translates to when I finally get back on real rock this fall.

Gilbert Mears

When coronavirus hit not only did my gym(s) close but the crag closed. It didn’t seem possible to progress under those circumstances. But ClimbStrong and Alex put me on a program, using home equipment, that not only built my level—it also kept me psyched. And they checked in on a personal level too. Invaluable.

Tom McCarthy

I’ve done competitive sports my whole life, and experienced a wide range of coaching. Ken‘s coaching has been awesome. I like the way he explains things to me, as well as keeping me motivated towards my goals. He is very personable and I feel he is excited and invested in my success, which really motivates me to succeed and push myself to see what I’m capable of achieving.....even at 47 😉

Jamie Rookwood

Since I started working with Alex at Climb Strong, I'm injured less, I'm climbing better, and I am having a lot more fun. Even when Covid-19 shut down the crags and the gyms for weeks, I kept getting stronger and ended up climbing better than ever when things opened back up and climbing became available again. I would not have been able to do that on my own. Getting to work with Alex has been huge for my fitness and for my growth as a climber.

Wesley Blaylock

Working with the climb strong team remotely has been a great experience. They are quick with an answer to any training questions big or small and are more then willing to let you help pick your workout goals. You feel like you’re part of the journey towards your climbing goals and not just a machine going through the motions someone else programmed.

Eric Iwen

Alex really helped me put into play a focused training routine. He's been very responsive and helpful and Its clear he really wants me to reach my goals. It's great to work with such a knowledgeable person who is positive and sees the big picture as it relates to the long view of my climbing career, including avoiding injury and being able to train and climb regularly instead of spending months trying to peak for a 2 week period.

Timmy Heaghney